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Bei AirVib you find motorcycle batteries (gel batteries and lithium-ion batteries), fork springs, shocks, chain sets, seal kits and lots of other parts for your motorcycle.


Each battery is checked and fully charged before shipping, so you can immediately start with your motorcycle.


Gel batteries are maintenance-free and are very cheap. Filling and level control is not necessary. Leakage is not possible with gel batteries.


Lithium-ion batteries are also completely maintaince free and will be shipped fully charged and tested. Lithium-ion batteries are conspicuous by very strong start performance, a very low self-discharge and a super low weight. A comparably cheap way to make your bike several pounds lighter, with a simultaneous gain of function.


The progressive Wirth springs fork springs are easy to install and will be shipped with German general operating permission and installation instructions. An inexpensive way to improve your bike's chassis significantly.


This offer is complemented by Vibracoustic air springs, gasket sets and Pamoto clutch repair kits as well as various spare parts for your motorcycle. If you have any questions or can not find an item, please call us. Let us help you find your desired item.


What you should consider first, when choosing your motorcycle battery:


Never buy the supposedly best price! On the Internet there are numerous models and shops who present themselves at first glance as a bargain. But before buying, you should build your thoughts, what you expect from your new motorcycle battery.


Do you drive your motorcycle at low temperatures, or even sub-zero temperatures?

If the machine stands for a long time unused in the garage?

Or maybe even the whole winter outdoors?


Only when these questions (and maybe some more) can be answered sure, the selection of your new motorcycle battery is safe to take. Then you will find certainly the right battery in our shop, which gives you pleasure a long time.


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